"Killuminati (Tupac Tribute)" lyrics


"Killuminati (Tupac Tribute)"

End is never gunna come
another war that we have won
tell them all that it is just
well all erode right in the rust
Stupid peoples all i know
like sarah palin on the tube
Live in an Imperial state
sell your soul for money and fame

Corperaciones controlan tu vida
todo que ves te da envidia
estos tiempos nunca van a cambiar
en la nacion que no te deja tratar
entramos los tiempos donde te dicen
"callate/ be obidient"
the rich dont want you to see
what this nation can really be
develope your own ideas
instead of listening to the media
the rich dont want you to see
what this nation can really be

Entering the beggining and the end
creation and destructions friend
dont always believe what you hear
take some time stop living in fear
tell me what you believer in
lets have an intelectual talk about what you seeing
listen up ive got soemthing to say
the lord aint gunna save you no matter how hard you pray

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