"No Country For Old Men" lyrics


"No Country For Old Men"

We're left here on our own,
To find a way out of this place that we call home.
There's no point in looking for what we lost,
I've found my faith in everything that's real.

I want you to know one thing,
Live before you die.
We wont back down

Well please don't worry,
We'll find our way soon enough.
Live today because tomorrows never promised.

This is the beginning of our struggle,
To find the truth in everything that may exist.
We'll keep on pushing because we know we can make sense of this.
Come on.

I believe this is getting out of hand,
These things they never go according to plan.
I believe this is getting out of hand,
So keep walking as you.

Forget the importance of everything,
That means the most to us in the end.
In the end.
So quick to judge and to push things away,
We'll never be no we'll never be the same
Be the same.

We've built this foundation that cannot be destroyed.
So stand back,
We wont back down,
They will never defeat us.

Our past has made us who we are,
We wear our scares with pride.
We wear our scares,
We wear our scares with pride.

In the end we'll all be told to face the decision we've made,
We'll just smile.
We'll get what we worked for.

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