"Hey Medic" lyrics


"Hey Medic"

When the day goes away and the river, if it’s the closest I’ll ever get
To feeling close to home, then I don’t want a home
If I could just close my eyes, wake up melted from all the guises
The secrets that you hold, the truths that go untold

So I'm lost in rhythms
Are not missing drive
You can call me jaded
You can call me whatever you like
Just need a song
Oh, just need a song
To wash us over
Redeeming me every time
But I don’t think that I’ll ever wait for us

And we dance
And we stumble
But we vacant know
I used to be romantic

I might not have the means, the means to get to the end
But I don’t know what’s wrong, no, I don’t know what’s wrong
If I did what should I do..texting it for
They're in my favor
But would that do the trick? It might not do the trick

I’m lost in seasons
They make me feel kind of shitty
And you can call it depression
And you can call it whatever you want
And the saddest songs
Oh, the saddest songs
Take me over
They leave my lips every night
And I try and I try and I try and I try

Now we dance
And we stumble
But we may can’t tell what used to be romantic

Are we dead?
Don’t know how
The blood, the plain that numb the pain, it’s slipping

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