"Last Blues" lyrics


"Last Blues"

My precious wife, I am in shambles
I am crumbling, I am
Was it something I did
Bid the tide to climb so high that it ripped our shore up
I can fix it, I swear
If you trust me
I am old and I am rusting but I care
I care

My precious wife, we made a promise
Pledged our flesh to be one
How can you doubt a love that stood so proud as we raised our children
I believe in it still
It has faltered and it has faded
But I know it's there
It's there
And how'd it change
The way you thought of me
How strange to think we once were lovers
Now we've wrapped the past up in broken glass
And when you speak my name you shudder
My precious wife, believe I'll save this
I'll revive it, I will
We've built a family from this marriage
Why would you tear it apart

Speak now, precious
Your silence screams
You're giving in to your failure
Hear me, the promise that you made was meant to keep forever
Until we die, you're not allowed to change your mind

Oh husband, I could not control
Husband, I could not abstain
One cannot stop the wind from blowing
Nor refuse the falling rain
Love stirred up a storm inside me
Wrapped its arms around my waist
I failed you dear, I'm sorry, oh I'm sorry
But there was nothing I could do
No, there was nothing I could do
Sure as the rain will fall
Some love just fails

There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do

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