"She's Going To Heaven" lyrics


"She's Going To Heaven"

We can feel it
The Sea is pouring out of the eyes
Somewhere inside it´s wasted and hard
That isn´t close to airships
Quietly flowing over the sky

But extremely close
When they catch a fire
Flame up and burn up
In the air

No needed explanation to those down who remains
All The answers get ahead of the questions
Every next not to be worth opening the mouth
We can feel that vanity

Little chips of the soul inside of us
Is still separating
Exacerbate heart into tatters
We can feel it - scarified by strokes
Leaves in the wind rustle when it´s time
Bunch of flowers in many human hands

And ground is in black covered

From respect
Love and in memory right now
When she goes away
Into the heaven ward

Thanks to tartas for these lyrics

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