"Self-Ridiculus" lyrics



Limewood in human´s hands
Days and nights, sharp chisels
In place of the chakras a wire
Guess who I am?

Rap on my head
It´s not melodic sound
Run through my heart
Don´t be afraid
You will hit on knag

Set me on fire
In jigtime I disappear painlessly
Tell me to smile
I add the jingle bell and I clatter

Sometimes I´m mute marionette
With twisted character
Self-clog with bitter smile
In socialism bred
Naive and benighted
And how do you feel today?

I look at people who come along me
And disquise in their luck and smell,
That I´m trying to steal
I gimble infinitely
None of them knows what I´m thinking of
While clap hands burst into applause

None of you know what I´m thinking of

Thanks to tartas for these lyrics

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