"Scarlet Robe" lyrics


"Scarlet Robe"

Bloodstained scarlet robe
And thousands others
Lie in deadly immobility
Wide-spread round of Lhasa
The ones who wear them,
Could be spiritual standby
Teach for the western world
They are waiting for 50 years

And bress bell sweeps in wind

Hey (my) comrade
How do you like it, to erase human from the land?
Hey (my) comrade
How easy is it, to massacre peaceful monks?

By the name of chinese idea
Lots of temples of peace felt down
Socialistic propaganda destroyed Tibetian nation
Face of Mao Tse Tung killer smiles down
From billboard

And bress bell sweeps in wind

Hey (my) comrade
We see what are you doing now
Hey (my) comrade
We know the truth, you won´t blind us
With your demagogy

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