"(This Is) No Entertainment" lyrics


"(This Is) No Entertainment"

what do i stand here for?
what do you expect?
you want a master plan?
a call to arms? a manifesto?

no, you'll get nothing like this
it's just my trying to act my anger

my anger - not the revolution
my inner struggle - not yours
(laughing, crying, screaming)
my anger - not the revolution
my war - not the world's
(smiling, dancing, fighting)

i just try to express my feelings
i don't care what you say, i just try to express my feelings
our hearts don't beat 1, 2, 3, 4
hardcore ? honesty ? expression of feelings

sometimes all this feels so senseless
like standing on stage, entertaining a crowd
that has come to dance and doesn't give a fuck
about what we really feel about our songs
this is no entertainment!
this means so damn much to us

emotion is life
we need more love songs in hardcore

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