"Radically Change Myself" lyrics


"Radically Change Myself"

institutionalised opposition, defining myself through antis not pros
how can one boy be so full of hate when he was never beaten in his fucking face
why can't i accept - my opinion is no law - there are others worth as much as mine
so alone, so alone, caught alone by walls i built myself

a mirror - a smiling face - but even this - smile is a lie
no one here - to drag down - just a fake smile - and a fake boy
and in the end it's all about being a good friend and not alone
i know i cheated you more than once, treated you like shit, forgive me, forgive me


i realized i chained myself
in a net of self righteous morality, the judge and the jury in one damn hand
political correctness can be a drug if you don't take care, look at my fucking veins
if revolution means - aiming with guns at friends - then go ahead but i drop out right here
hearts broken, blood went black, stolen eyes and i'm unable to move

let me take back all the shit i've done to you to drag you down
let me take back all the lies i told to make me look so cool and
please give me another chance, i know i don't deserve it but help me please
radical change - radically change myself

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