"Propaganda Of Dance" lyrics


"Propaganda Of Dance"

dance, dance like we could still change the world
with the power of conviction
like everything would still matter - like it would
dance, dance like there was no tomorrow
for indeed there won't
if we refuse to take part in this masterplan called future

it's about art, rebellion and life itself
no time for clich├ęs, we came for change
for revolution, no more standstill
move on

high on caffeine we go out and smash car windows

turn it up
we're commanding ourselves to the beat

totally off topic intermission:

and sitting in this cold backstage room while all the others were asleep.
talking about multiple orgasms and having someone that you love die.
we've only known for a few hours but we opened up our hearts
like there was nothing more natural in this whole damn world.
it's moments like these that keep me from resigning.
that make my life a little less senseless.
the intimacy of a single night. this is how i spell life.

i can dance to it
this is my revolution

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