"Microphysics Of Power" lyrics


"Microphysics Of Power"

ladies and gentlemen, may i have your attention please?
this is the kurhaus manifesto.
don't believe in anything you hear in a song!
don't believe in anything you read in the booklet of a record!
don't believe in anything a band says on stage!
a band is not a political organization! musicians are no political leaders!
never believe in what we say!
never trust us!
always think for yourselves.
always think for yourselves!

digging out trenches on the mined playground of discursive ethics
building up bunkers, pouring our mindset into concrete forms
resigning ourselves to the deductive logic of dialectics
we feel so supreme, but every antithesis is just as wrong as the thesis itself

in theory we are just practice
but in practice we are just theory

there is no truth and there will never be
maximum dissent forever
never trust a majority or a minority that tries to become one
reality must be destroyed
turn this minefield into a dancefloor
reality must be destroyed
turn this minefield into a dancefloor

paint your world with your own blood on every wall you pass

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