"Married, Cold, Half-Dead" lyrics


"Married, Cold, Half-Dead"

people change and so did we
maybe you're right, let us at least be honest
better a clean cut than a festering wound
better live all life alone than live this lie one more day

better end this lie right now than live my life just one more day
but why do i feel like having lost something precious
or haven't i?

thank you for teaching me i am strong enough to live without you

love has to be intense and adventurous
it can't be ordinary, routine is deadly
where is the magic sparkle that used to light our world
prince charming and sybil vane - married, cold, half-dead

(don't care, can't cry, it's love, not life)

love is a field to grow inside
but it cannot grow in an artificial dessert

i wish it was different, i'd be ready to love you
but this world is hostile, it turned us into stones
maybe next life, maybe next week
but for this time thank you and good bye

keep rolling!

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