"Last Song" lyrics


"Last Song"

for you it's just a bunch of songs but
for us they're far more, some kind of diary
of our emotions, our broken hearts
our raised fists, our scars, our lives and our loves

my love, my friendship and honesty

not one second wasted, no expenses in vain
our lives so far were a dream, if we remember

all the stages drenched in sweat, all the pits we set on fire
all the blood that has been shed
the new friends we met and all the inspiration
the energy we felt and the love received
it's not about being cool
but death and resurrection

if this was the last song that we would ever write
it would be alright, because we reached far more
than we dreamt of when we started
five teenage kids grew a family
from this point of view we could lay down and die

(now that the sun is setting, into the light we're heading)

now wall of death the world - together
still armed and angry
and as long as we are breathing we will try to change the world
to stay true to ourselves
life is art
and we refuse to be dead

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