"...And Beat Yourself Down" lyrics


"...And Beat Yourself Down"

you know the words, they're widely spread
now try to get them in your head
it's good to know what's wrong, what's right
now use your knowledge, start to fight
against what you recognized as wrong
it's not enough to sing along
the same old songs, the holy words
'cause empty phrases do not hurt...
you sing of changes
well, go and change your fuckin' self...
the party's over
time to get angry

raise your fist!
are you honestly angry, do you mean what you say?
do you think you're on the right side?
look into the mirror and start to hate

raise your fist
...and beat yourself down!

let's go! let's move! let's live! let's change!

why can't we see
there's nothing less important in this world
than the opinion
of a little hardcore kid that's full of hate
that cannot follow his own rules, that can't conduct her own laws
there's already to many judges
set this world on fire!

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