"Tourisme" lyrics



On this frozen paradise, I hardly miss them.
It would be so nice to cross a state’s worth of icicles.
If the weather’s right, in the sharp night I will wander with you.
I got everything I ever wanted when the reactor broke.

Meet me in Juneau, I’ll wait for your signal.
We never have to go home.

On this frozen paradise, I hardly miss them.
Are you wrapped up in southernmost trappings?

I guess nobody heard it on AM radio, days of early warnings.
I’m sure sorry they didn’t.
Lord knows I tried, I know I have the patience.
I sure was tired, come to think of it, climbing social ladders.
I’ll see you in my dreams when I come visit you,
and dinner’s on the table.
We’ll share in a laugh and we’ll share in a smile.
We sure look like we mean it.
We’ll become stronger than ever.

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