"The First One" lyrics


"The First One"

i’ll carry the new edition home in the rain before your show if you help me complete it
i’m tangled in wires and cables still
if you help me i need it
the first one I’ve ever had on my own my tiny apartment make sure i don’t miss the morning
twenty and three-quarters then at midnight still it came and went can i fix your jeans as payment
i’m balancing quarters in a stack
because it looks like you might need it if you repair this broken instrument
the second one i’ve ever had on my own in my tiny apartment make sure I don’t miss the morning
another one i’d like to call you my own and the tables turning
make sure i don’t miss the morning
i want you to know
all your postcards are records from our friends, and we’ve got space for it
the neighbors are knocking at the door i can’t hear a word over “kind of blue”
i want you to be the one who replaces my needle cartridge now
the boxes are empty we can finally call this our new home.

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