"Older/Wiser" lyrics



a snowflake, four leaf clover, sitting pretty on the front of your shoulder
from a book you read in high school from the valley to your home with a park view
on your drive up, the mill city, between furniture and food for the kitty
you should hit it closer to home
good is bad is nice is yes is good is fine is no
that might not belong to you
the cloth that you cut is the one that’s on me
how did it go?
there is safety in small numbers, threw it in the fire and blamed it on each other
needed places safe for fainting, promise “he won’t bite” with eyes half-closed, refraining
sour sympathy, half cold meals, off to bed at night, disaster on your heels
soggy wallet, broken window, bloody in the hallway i’ll be fine
i think that i’ll go i can’t stay up every night
we’ll stay there long enough to say goodbye
here’s to safety, being happy, we are foils all, to that everlasting
victims, only circumstantial here, i’m waiting there, you’re flying off the handle.

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