"Ghost" lyrics



Two lovers dressed in their nighting gowns
Sleeping but their souls are somewhere else
Nobody came when they called for help

There was a ghost in the boy's bedroom
Wearing the boy's mother's perfume
He didn't know he would see her soon

It's watching you change
It's somewhere in the house
You can't get away
And baby cried her eyes out

There was a leak in the kitchen sink
The carpet was red, now it's faded pink
There was enough for the walls to drink

[Chorus x2]

We are blinded by the gleam
We are following the sheep
It's like nothing we have seen before

Now I can't tell us apart
Take the dollar from your heart
It has taken everything we are

Sheep! Dead! Meat!

Two lovers dressed in their nighting gowns [x3]

Thanks to Eve for these lyrics

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