"Sick & Tired" lyrics


"Sick & Tired"

I'm calling in sick to work, I'm sick of working, it's not working out
I thought I'd be better off if I stayed at home and tried to think things out
I'm putting in my time to buy some time to do the things I wanna do
but I'm to tired to do anything by the time I'm (through)

I'm sick & tired
feeling useless and it's sick to lie and phone in your excuses
at the end of your rope you tie a noose for your own neck
it's not life, it's not death: it's just a paycheck

I try to work each day so I can pay for the car I have to drive
I pay my rent I pay my bills I pay my way to stay alive
to see another day of work, yet another night to drink
enough to forget, I work to drink, I drink to work, I think it's sick


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