"Voltage" lyrics



Now it's clear to see, our world is decaying.
And now I believe, it will take every one of us left to change a thing.
(Change a thing)

What are we waiting for? Tell me, what are we waiting for?
We've worked too hard and lived too long, to let this fail when we are gone.
When we are gone, what will be left to carry on the legacy
Of who we are and what we're meant to be?

They promised everything would be ok.
We trusted every word they ever said.
It's finally clear, we're better on our own.
On our own.

We've seen enough, we've heard enough, it's time the tables have turned.
This ends tonight, (this ends tonight).
We are the masons of our lives.
The architect, the guiding light. We are the masons of our life.

Our hope is dying, in the street. But no one seems to care.
They're just our fantasies, anyway.
Why should we settle for an unconscious mind and a restricted voice,
When we can rise up and gain?
Gain the power to embrace our triumphs, despite anything they may say.
Without reserve, this ends tonight, our hearts still burn.
Our hearts still burn.

And now that I've seen it, I know that you're giving up.
You must go on, (you must go on).
Reach the end, reach the end.
Our hearts still burn.

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