"The Overlord" lyrics


"The Overlord"

Lay your crown aside,
Your tyranny I can't abide
You're a fraud, a liar in disguise.
Rightfully the heir is mine.

I'm not yet what I'm meant to be.
A true king wearing a mask.
You wear many faces, all of greed and misfortune.
I am not you, nor do I intend to be.

Silence makes its way into the room
Slithering on past everyone.
It touches the hands of time.
The dark lord has us at his will.

We must hold our ground and keep the floor from shifting.
We will not be silenced.
We'll make our presence be felt now.

I've seen you create empires and destroy them without warning.
You hide behind your army and watch as they vanquish.
You're not my king.
You're a tyrant pretending to be.
You're not my king.

I call on the army of the dead,
We will take vengeance on all this land.
Arise, my fallen,
We will not let this go undone.

I won't allow you to consume me.
I will show no remorse.
You will be overthrown.
This is our kingdom.
Watch as we take what's ours.
This is our kingdom.
You will be overthrown.
I won't back down now.

And I won't bow down despite the words you've said to these people.
You lied right through your teeth.
And they won't be deceived now.
You cannot break me.
We'll stand on our two feet.

I'll overrun the place I once called my home.
I am my father's son, rightful heir to the throne.
Watch as I take your last breath and take what is mine.
You will bow down.

You'll see a world of hate through my own eyes, through my own eyes.
You're just a murderer.
The king, my father's now a ghost.
You've taken over what I'm earning back.

There's only one way out.

Thanks to Ryan for these lyrics

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