"Lowlife" lyrics



Silver tongues and paper towns
Their whispers are as loud as an elephant
Find the balance between you and I
They want my head above the mantle like a trophy
They earned it

Well come and get it
I bet we both look the same
Lying in a coffin
Only here on borrowed time
Why don't you get up off me

Hate me
Not for who I am but what you see
Take me
Not by what you see but what lies underneath

I've been torn limb from limb so many times
I've lost the feeling in my fingers
And the focus in my eyes
Where is the justice
When there's so many of us
I said where is the justice
When there is so many of us
There are so many walks of life to choose
You think you know me by my looks
You don't know what I've been through

Hate me
Not for who I am but what you see
Take me
Not by what you see but what lies underneath

They show us that it's ugliness within them
But our only purpose is living a life full of freedoms
They tell us we're an abomination of nations
They're showing us many choices and fighting hard to freeze them
You cant believe them as far as you teach them
So they ignore all of the core parts of our reason
Give them a good song they tell you
"You did wrong"
Criticizing your very life till you want to delete it
But I'm the same as you
Put my clothes on the same way you do
But you're too judgmental
You wanna see me change
Political views
And religious intentions
To make your life simple
It's really difficult to take people serious
When every thought's delirious
And nothing's there to lift you
To keep you dependent's
The mission they're given
You give them success every time
You seem to share the same views
So when do they lose?
is it when you're reaching your limits
Wanting to change everything about you?
or maybe it's when you're feeling it bubble within
But in a violent rage
You're feeding the demons that crowd you
Wait 'til they pound you
For being bound to a better mind state
What is the place that we can call "safety"
I think my thoughts
I live
I walk
I bleed
I cry
So why is it hard for you
To take me as I am

This is an anthem
To anyone that's cast aside
This is an anthem
It's bigger than just you and I
(hate me)
The voices scream and shout
But I can't hear a sound
I can feel their eyes like daggers
(take me)
This is an open book
It's never let me down
The light won't be on when you're locked out

This is an anthem
It's bigger then just you and I

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