"5 Bottles Of Shampoo" lyrics


"5 Bottles Of Shampoo"

She pushed in before me in the supermarket queue
Pretending not to see me in that way women do
She put on the counter some milk and bread too
Then she pulled out, five, different bottles of shampoo
And I though to myself I will never understand women

And I hear some of you say that all men are the same
They're all ruled by their dicks
That's true of some but not all, don't point that finger so quick
There's some dude in the clubs pinching girls asses
Being intimidating with obscene passes
A goddess, you can tell when she dances
You shout slag when she rejects your advances
It's like you got no belief in yourself
Or you ain't got the balls to just talk to a girl
So every time after six years
Your aim of the nights to reduce her to tears
When she chats to me, you spit and shout whore
Well it is written in the art of war
To fight only the battles you can win
But I will defend your honour until they kick my face in
You can scrape me up bruised and battered off the floor
Integrity is what black eyes are invented for

So down with the dicktatorship that's so cocksure
They use rape as a weapon of war,
Down with the man who think is okay to give his wife a punch
Down with the judge who said it weren't rape 'cos she was drunk
If you're pro-life be a doctor, foster a kid, that's how you make it possible for people to live
But don't you dare tell women what they can and can't do
When it was a women that gave life to you

Yes I'm a man, I guess a typical one
But I ain't afraid to say
I think that women are beautiful and strong
Too fat, too thin that's just media spin
You look best when you're comfortable in your own skin
So I'm sorry if you feel undue
If the truth be known I'm in awe of you
You're a giver of life and a warrior too
But do you really need five different bottles of shampoo?

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