"This Ones For Us!" lyrics


"This Ones For Us!"

This isn’t the end.
Something that I could have told you straight from the start
You tried so hard but tell me did it ever really get you far?
You pushed and strived through all their negativity for what?

To be told that you were never good enough for her.
So you should just give up.
For them but we call their bluff
For anyone who’s ever been put down, this one’s for us!!!

Have you ever worked for something to be shot down?
Have you ever built up confidence and then had it smashed into the ground?
Have you ever thought you’re life was just a waste of time?
That the goals that you’ve set have starting to decline?

We’ll I’ve been spit on and insulted to my face.
I’m thinking to myself how much more can I take?
Where ever where you look is just a dead end.
Laughed at by your family, black balled by your friends

This one’s for us!

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