"The Bitter End" lyrics


"The Bitter End"

Setting sails in sad sunsets
Where the sun is freezing and the water is black
There’s no hope and total utter abandonment
I can’t see the night’s sky should I turn back?

The wind is pushing me in all directions
Open wounds are still sick with infections
I’m still trying to escape my fate
This ship is sinking it’s already too late…

I’d rather go down with this ship
Then ever return to the shore
The things I’ve seen made it clear
I don’t want to live there no more!

So I guess this looks like it’s the end
May judgment come down and find every man
May the wicked be punished and the good souls saved!

I don’t want to live here no more
The things I’ve seen made it clear
I don’t belong…

Thanks to ryan for these lyrics

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