"Stand Your Ground" lyrics


"Stand Your Ground"

Open minds and burning hearts, were here to break these chains apart.
With a match and a can of gasoline, were going to ignite what’s left of this scene.
It’s time for someone to be a guiding light and rise up in the darkest of times.
Because we all see so much hate and despair, it’s hard to believe someone still cares.

Set it off!
Set it straight!
These feelings in my heart, well they just won’t wait.
And when I die, I hope this will remain.
The message in our hearts are still engraved
Take back what is yours!
Don’t be mislead we hold the score!
We’ve always have and we want more!

Closed minds, clenched fists.
One by one were going to kick you out of this.
No way are you going to take this from us.
We’ve worked too hard for you to fuck it up.
After all the blood, sweat and tears.
And constant criticism over the years.
You really think you’re going to push us around?
That’s why track one is called STAND YOUR GROUND!!!

Thanks to Kasey G for these lyrics

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