"A Witch's Tale" lyrics


"A Witch's Tale"

She stole his heart and then she ran away
Leaving him with nothing but in shivery
So fucking cold that it made him sick
Every moment with her is something that he regrets

She took a life and tore it in half
She took what she wanted and never looked back
She made it clear that it was all just a front
To fulfill her selfish deeds and concerns

But if it’s true, you reap what you sow
There’s judgment for such a tortured soul
A punishment for all that she has done
The crimes committed have left her hung

And at the end of the day a stories been told
Of a girl who had lost herself and lost her soul
To get a taste of a life filled with lust
Now she rots alone withering into dust (she turns to dust)

Thanks to ryan for these lyrics

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