"You've Got Me" lyrics


"You've Got Me"

Late night and I'm feeling alive
she's got a long silk dress
with a fire in her eye
she looks so reckless
she's so drop dead gorgeous
girl you've got me singing along
I don't think I'm ready
my bones feel unsteady
she spins me in circles
I'm ready to blow up right now

She's got me singing like
whoa-oh-oh whoa-oh-oh
baby you know what you've got
because my head hits my heels
the more I try forgetting you
I swear it's in the way that you talk

your lips speak so well
when conjured for a spell
I'm taken back
by the clothes all over the floor
undressed, heavy breath,
and I'm begging for more
I'm ready to blow up right now

[Chorus 2x]

[Chorus 2x]

Your body lingers in my dreams all night
the way touch it makes me feel just right
your words drive me crazy
they drive me crazy
and you've got me

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