"Just Me And You" lyrics


"Just Me And You"

I finally built myself up enough courage
to say how I've felt
for the last few years of my life
it's senior year
and I know that this is our last chance
I can't describe the feeling that I get
when I look into your deep blue eyes
I translate it into something so surreal
please tell me that you're feeling this too

We kissed in 2005
and thanks to you I feel
so alive
now it's 2010
I'm on one knee wondering
if I could take your hand
cause it's just me and you

It's been about 3 years
and we're still strong
singing da-da-dada-dada-da
here's to nights we lay awake
just holding each other's gaze
I'm amazed, you're just as beautiful
as you were on the very first day


When I see your face
it takes me to a better place
you're all that I need
you're everything
I want to be


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