"Farewell" lyrics



I've got this whole thing figured out
I was lost in the middle of a stupid town
where everything just seems to repeat
over and over again
and then it hit me like a spear right through my chest
I realized then
that this life is only a test
to make us feel, to make us break,
to make us want to give up (but we can't give up)

Here's farewell
to everything I've ever known
and here's goodbye
to everyone I've ever known
as of tonight I'm gone
I'm moving on, I've won
and I don't want to stand
in this moment here forever
so goodbye

Sometimes I think that I determine the ending
of everything
and every day I'm still thinking about her
it's just a blur
I had one chance to make it right
to make it work and
I blew it all away
it feels like I'm running around in a race
and the cold wind keeps smacking me right in the face
but this doesn't make any sense
the road keeps on going


So goodbye time to go
I'm driving through these state lines
finally made up my mind
is it wrong to want something more?
I'm on a crash course headed
for a New York setting
and I hope it turns out just right
maybe then I can feel alive
for the first time


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