"Brighter Than The City" lyrics


"Brighter Than The City"

Here's a toast to the woman there dressed in red
but she hasn't said a word to me yet
no not yet
there was this moment on your bedroom floor
where you took my hand and you wanted more
and you said a four lettered word
that's hard to forget
take your time with me
because I'm not ready for this yet

She said
that it's brighter than the city
underneath these stars
and when she drinks she gets weary
and we fall apart
what's there to see
what's there to prove
it's just a memory
drink from this glass
until the last drop
which is causing the ringing in your head

I got lost in your blue eyes baby
here's another moment
where you drive me crazy
you drink that liquor
like it's so damn easy
just like you break hearts
just like you break hearts
oh god it's almost over
oh god it's almost over


I can't breathe
I can barely speak
these arms feel week
without you here
I've been listening to songs
that remind me of you
they take me back
to the day where I first met you
you were so beautiful
you were so beautiful
and these pictures renounce
what I first saw in you
and it made me sick
as I fell to the floor
I crawled to the door
just to find a way out
but I just can't reach

[Chorus 2x]

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