"A Letter To You" lyrics


"A Letter To You"

Hey girl I'm writing to you
from your home town city
nothing new but these past weeks
have been kinda crazy
and I thought you should know
that I think your so amazing its true
Thought you should know that these past few months
I think you saved me and since
the day we met I never slept so goddamn easy
well goodnight sweetheart
your all I need

I think I'll fall in love tonight with you
I'm falling in love, love, love with you

We've got this city
and a thousand different
kinds of amusements
but next time your in town
lets try settling down
we'll do what you want
maybe sit by the fire
or we can spark up some flames
in the bedroom for the next couple hours
oh wouldn't that be nice
just you and me

[Chorus 2x]

I've been keeping secrets
and I hope you can keep them
the way I feel for you
its out of control
and i hope you've been thinking of me
when you've been sleeping cause then
I can make your dreams come true
I know you got what it takes
because your making me shake
your the only one
who makes my heart run
faster, longer, stronger
and better then before

[Chorus 2x]

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