"Ken Lon, Body Doubles" lyrics


"Ken Lon, Body Doubles"

"I'm Ken Lon the best man. How's the bride? How's the groom? Atrocious.
Tell the bride I'm at the bar making stink. Where you at?"
met these guys beside me in jail more than twelve
years ago parole goal Keleton state prison cell
block DMD developed assimilated syndrome spent nights sipping on freedom
in and out of clinks knowledge learned money, friends, booze
met my mind before me performing somersault
restrict Ken Lon on clearing throat as he asks
"Is this Halloween?" diagnosed expressing lacking ailment
"What are you supposed to be, quite possibly, the ugliest person that I've ever seen."
"Merry Christmas, Body Double? I said bring me a double."
"I came here five days ago, I'm disorientated."

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