"The Empire State" lyrics


"The Empire State"

No matter how far
No matter, I fall apart
Remember, you came from the stars
and you're perfect just the way you are
Once underground, light never hit my face
I took the staircase up and into your embrace
The concrete is hot, warmed by the rays of a thousand suns
I let the memory burn before the moment is gone
On a night somewhere in the big city air
With a scientist in an ambulance
Remember you came from the stars,
and you're perfect just the way you are
The lights are flashing
We'll run and never stop
It's only five flights up until we reach the top
So delicate, the gentle truth of our memory
And in the darkest night, I feel your light shining down on me
No matter how far we're apart
No matter, I fall apart
No matter how far, and no matter how long
that we are apart, I will always be true

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