"Can't Hold Me Down" lyrics


"Can't Hold Me Down"

I watch as his fist meets her face.
She can't explain it but she knows it's unavoidable.
On that day her planes filled the sky, and under her breath I heard her say:

You can't hold me down.

Standing on the edge of a high rise,
I can't explain it but I feel so invincible.
All signs say that I can't be broken. You didn't believe when you heard me say:

You can't hold me down.

I finally decided to stop keeping score.
I used to be so scared, but I'm not afraid anymore.

You can't hold me down.

I should have left long ago, but it wasn't my time.
(You can't hold me)
I used to beat myself up, but I'm just not ashamed anymore.

No matter what you do to stay away from me, just know:
I'm still running, running, running.
I'm still coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.

You can't hold me down.

Thanks to Desiree for these lyrics

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