"Kite" lyrics



When the stars become her,
I can be seen above it all.
I was the songbird that over-sung.
Un-discover, a world that walked away from you,
It walked away from me,
And it walked away from truth.
Look forth to become
Whenever the book is shown to you
Look through the pages and you will see the truth.
The queen needs water,
So the slave is on his way.
You flip it over another day another dollar earned.
Multiply! Tie the lies,
When all the world has died

On top of the highest mountain,
Where I undermine everything,
My heart is the transistor,
And your mind is the cable that connects us to life
Never expect the givens,
Always think of the thrift in things,
Look into my heart and you will find
Reasons for all these things.

What lies in her from everyday,
And with your pain it all crashes down!
When you know, what you've trusted.
When you hit the ground.
There was a girl I knew,
She was turned from everything,
As I was turned away from you.
So run away, or run to me.


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