"With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies" lyrics


"With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies"

Take my hand, I'll tell you but I think you'll know
I'm going fast too fast for you to ever hear
I'll slow it down so maybe you can understand
And know what I'm trying to tell you

So caught up with yourself
I'm trying my hardest just to keep up, just to keep up with your style
And I always come back for more
You keep me leading me towards nothing
Let's start off with something new

This time turn off the lights cause, I don't want to be seen like this
And close the door, cause I don't want to know what I'll miss

Friends like you, I can't believe I still talk to, but I still do
And I always endeavor, I liked you much better when
We were young, and we were civilized
You weren't cool, when you still knew me

Now I'm just a broke radio that doesn't get played anymore
I'm not ready for this ending situation
Has never came so clear to me.

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