"Just When You Thought It Was Safe" lyrics


"Just When You Thought It Was Safe"

I'm running from this and dodging headlights
I won't make it, I won't make it out alive
What to do, what to do now's the time
The final streetlights in front of me its turning red
But there's still time

And this time I'm crossing my I's, dotting my T's
And this time your coming out of the light, the light you hide behind.

Stepping into the same steps, walking through the same doors
Following the trail that lead to your fate
Knowing it's not stopping it
It's too late, but there's still time

I know I've passed this once before
What are you doing?
You got this all wrong
Just pay attention it won't take that long.

I wish you didn't have to know
And these are words that just run through my head,
like bullets been shot and your shooting again
My chance has faded right to grey
No, no, no what are you doing?
You got this all wrong
Now just pay attention,
It won't take that long.

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