"I Call It Like I See It" lyrics


"I Call It Like I See It"

I don't wanna do this anymore
I don't wanna wake up anymore
I just wanna waste away the days
Sleeping in a bed where dreams are made
You can't be serious
Everyone is curious
When it comes to you
And what you always do

I have so much to say
But so little is said
So much I wanna do
But nothing gets done
It's just one of those times
When you put 'em down or fight
Just to prove to those you've got it in you

Life is full of choices
But you're full of excuses
Never knowing what's next
Always being second best
'bout time you finally figured this out


Don't burn bridges
You'll be surprised
How many times
We've crossed over the same rivers
Close your eyes
And tonight
We'll set aside
All of our differences


'bout time you finally figured this out



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