"Empty Spaces" lyrics


"Empty Spaces"

I'm coming to tear all your walls down
I'll get you alone when no ones around
I'll catch your tears before they fall
This night with you meant nothing at all

They say that blood is thicker than water
With a knife in my back and its all because of her
I say you're scared, this might go further

With all my feelings left inside have gone away or they've died
With all this, my heart bends
Which leads me to this revenge
But there's one thing you should know
Is I'll never let it show
that I'd be here now and then hate to say it, it's the end.

It's the end to be honest
I'd like to say that I knew that this day would come
And we'd be through
I have no feeling left for you

In this diary I wrote scribbled words and scattered notes
and this all happens at the age now it's over turn the page,
stab your best friend in the back with a knife
I'm sure he'll understand you stab your best friend

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