"If Kenneth Could Speak" lyrics


"If Kenneth Could Speak"

There we sat in a parked car trying to find the words.You held my hand and whispered a quote you heard somewhere.It was something about dying by my side, the pleasure would be all mine, you said softly. I want to take you away from here, some place quiet where everything is green and nothing ever goes wrong. And if right now you can't take my hand and join me in our new life,I'll be waiting there for you.The road is long and there are no signs to direct you home to me. You can change your mind, but not your heart. So if you try and fake it again I'll know, and if we try and make it then we'll grow old together and die in each others arms with nothing left unsaid, and it would be as perfect as life would allow.Well I believe in heads-up pennies and four leaf clovers over and over but still I can't see my luck running out right in front of me.

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