"Can We Lip Sync This One?" lyrics


"Can We Lip Sync This One?"

take time, to remember
the beauty of our youth,
and the ideals
we once pursued,
all left behind,
locked within a boy's mind.

do you remember
when we still had it in us to walk a million miles,
with only each other's voice to keep us awake?

and now you dance to all the wrong songs,
and you've forgotten how to sing along,
so step away,
for it may just be too late.

so go ahead and do what you wanna do.
it's your life and so it's up to you,
and nothing can compare to all of this,
because that's the way it is.

hey c'mon
and walk on the wrong side of the road with me.
let's just go one more time,
for me,
and for all the memories we had,
and for all the friends we lost along the way.
you owe it to yourself.

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