"Flooding Up The Deep End" lyrics


"Flooding Up The Deep End"

Cellular nightmares just gave out the news tonight
it crashed among the wave and dragged me down
Straight to the ground
It's not the first but it's the last failed antidote
Good evening I just turned 63
Believe me it's never what it seems
And this is the last time I ever flee the scene

This is the last time I'm ever blind to see this
This is the last time I ever stop the need to know
So can I walk over me?
There's no escape from hiding all of this

I can't believe we used to flood up the deep end end
in honor of our weakness, we just nailed this down
Right into the ground...
It happened again today and now we're so run through
I think that says it all for this horror scene
This monster's a familiar friend to me
Why can't we just kill it, cause I'm sick of killing me

This is the last time I'm ever stop the need to
Know so can I just walk over me?
Well my friend,
It's true we lost it all

It's true we lost it all..

This is the last time
This is the last time I flee [x4]

Well it's nice thing that vacations are upon you
Reckless behavior is out of style, we all can see
So is this an answer for me?

Well it's not enough to end this wounded scene
And there's a lot of people that I've yet to meet
If this js growing old, then I've run out of steam
This whole place is out of my league
It's out of human reach

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