"This Is How Honesty Sounds" lyrics


"This Is How Honesty Sounds"

We’d find a church or VFW hall
And play our hearts out till the cops were called
It didn’t matter if no one showed
It was an outlet and a place to go
Well now I’m 23 and feel my age
And it takes so much more effort to keep
Promises I made
If anything I know that I will not give in
I’m not ashamed of the way I live

But all the progress and the friends I made
Have all but left me stranded at this stage of the game
That best that I can hope is that as they get old
They’ll still be singin’ all the songs we wrote

This is how honesty sounds
And I hope you’re happy now
And I know that it’s an uphill fight
But some day it’ll be down

I never thought that I would live to see
All of the people who deserted me
Become the people in the punk rock scene
Getting by on apathy

And this is no time to give in
Because we’ve got no time
You know
We’ve got so far to go

Thanks to Terry for these lyrics

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