"The Importance Of Watching Ernest" lyrics


"The Importance Of Watching Ernest"

There’s got to be more payoff then I’ve gotten so far
I’ve toured for so many years and all I’ve got
to show for it is scars
(Maybe I should stay safe at home watching TV)
I try to be mundane but, it just doesn’t work for me

I’m free to say what I like
But I’m not free to spend my time
Cause the bills keep flying my way
It makes me envy small children and look towards the end of days

They say that 2012 is gonna be the end of the world
They say the setting sun’s last acts gonna be
to watch all of us burn
(Well if its really the end, we say bring it on)
Well if it all comes crashing down, at least I
can quit my fucking job

And in reality I find
(More wasted time)
All these things that distract me
(Feed my empty mind)
I just spend too much of my
(Dollars, minutes, brain cells)
Locked up in my own hell
Find that you’re just wasting your time

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