"The Bridge Is Out" lyrics


"The Bridge Is Out"

Last night, I found myself. Didn’t know I was looking for meaning I meant to get loaded.
I meant to forget everything that I know to be true. I’m no poet.
But the shapes in the haze and the smoke showed me where I was going.
Where I was going and where I’m meant to be.

The Days count down.
The years go by.
You can’t count the ways you feel unsatisfied.
The worlds gone flat.
The lies are true.
The lines you told to them all were really meant for you.

High Point of life, the end of the bottle.
Wake up or it’s all over today.
The end of the lies, go find yourself.
We know we can live it, we know who we are.

The winter fell on New York City, I cringed in my coat as I walk down the avenues.
Lost again, I’m lost again.
The snow blind tracks could lead me astray, but I found myself on the 6 going downtown.
At union square I let it hit me that these were the people I knew were still going nowhere.

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