"Submitted For Your Approval" lyrics


"Submitted For Your Approval"

Well it's been some time
Since you’ve given time to me
Although my mind
Is on you constantly
And rumors spreading about
The way you looked at him
It doesn’t bother me because were only human
And I don’t know what to think
Or who to believe
And fate could push me again
And keep me on my feet
And we always end up here eventually
We might not understand
But we always believe

They say there’s more than meets the eye
Well my eye fell on you
And the way you’re spending all your time
I might just take you up on promises
You made a long time ago
I might just make a few
A few of my own

And I don’t deserve anything you offer me
And I can’t concern with what I cannot reach
And there is truth within these lies
The same old story every time
Oh the why? The how the when its time
To break out of this design

Thanks to Terry for these lyrics

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