"Monster Hands" lyrics


"Monster Hands"

I must admit that on the 12th
They had me glued to a TV wondering
When the bomb was gonna find little old me
But as time went on and all my friends
Had signed their names on papers
My view shifted
And it seemed a little strange

If only once
The roles reversed
In their shoes walking
Probably my heart would break
And I would stop talking
I say this not from experience
Just from what I’ve seen
But at least I’m not lying through my teeth

Well another kid dies there over seas
(Dies there for nothin’)
And were never gonna satiate their greed

Do you feel
Like you might have been exploited
Do you think, your life is forfeit to their greed
Can you see
That from the moment you were born
That you’ve always had to say “it could be me”

So take this message back to bars
On the street where you were born
That the horrors you have faced
Have made you twice the man they are
And the man that sent you off to die
For his billion dollar war
Should feel the pain of every kid
He stranded there on foreign shores

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