"Broken Home Kids" lyrics


"Broken Home Kids"

Where did you go?
It was another Saturday
I’ll wait alone
Out on the road
Where’d we go wrong?
And why did you push me away

Why does everybody that I love
Always come from broken homes
And why does everybody that I trust
Have no one to love
Tell me its not so
Lie so I wont know

I’ll let you go
And I hope you find your way
There all alone
Out on the road
What leads you on?
And why did I push you away?

Well I turned back towards the skyline
That we stared at back as kids
Where the boulevard hits the river
And we would play stickball at the bridge
It’s a place we always ran to
When we needed to be rid
Of the bullshit that the world
Would always rain onto our heads
And the old men playing chess would
Always sigh and leave their bench
They knew before
We ever did
That we were fucked up kids

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