"Any BS Is Better Than IBS" lyrics


"Any BS Is Better Than IBS"

No i never got given nothing for free
(No I never got nothing for free)
No I never got nothing handed to me
(I guess they all forgot about me)
So if I ever ask for anything you can be sure its something
I really need
Yeah if I gotta get my hands on it id prefer if it was
earned by me

And everyone seems so fucking greedy to me
Always bitching bout some shit that they don’t need

And we can’t help it cuz
We learn from example in society
(They been trying to brainwash me)
Make you associate happiness with things
(violence with letting off steam)
So I make up my mind finally that I’m gonna live bullshit free(bullshit)
And then I go and waste another dollar on a god damned
useless thing

This American inside of me its so hard to control
its so filled with greed
I can’t help it if it’s all that I see cuz its all that
was ever shown to me

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